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who we are

Who we are

Giftyourbooks is free classified website which aims to help the needy students, who cannot afford to buy books. The services here are absolutely free. Because our old adage says there is no better ‘daan’ than vidhya daan and education cannot be stolen by any one and reaps benefit throughout ones life.
But everybody cannot become a teacher to do vidhya daan. Here is the other option to help the needy. You can donate/gift your books to the needy persons through our site. You just have to create an account after which you can either donate books or browse for required books through our website.

Our mission

There are many people who have lots of books and may not need it are not keen on retaining. On the other hand there are some ‘book-worms’ who are fond of reading but cannot afford or cannot get the versions of books they are looking for. If they can interact through this site, it would be good for both of them to help someone.

In simple words,
We just wants to provide books free of cost to the persons who are not able to buy books.

The team

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Vipul Gupta



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